Bringing style back into the fashion world.

We bring style to food,fun and fashion.We have the style to fit everyone need.So come and join us and allow us to supply your fashion style.

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How to Make Clothes Look Expensive — fashionandstylepolice

There are times when you have to style on a budget, but doesn’t mean that you can’t look like a million bucks. For as long as I can remember, there has been a huge misconception about dressing and making your clothes look expensive. How do we make clothes look expensive? Many ladies believe that they…

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Be the boss of you.

Each day, more shoppers are using blogs to get their latest dose of current events, international news and fashion advice. Blogs allow readers to consume information and commentary from a myriad of biased and potentially objective sources. Plus, blogs can be individually tailored to specific topics or audiences, as is the case with Funky fun fashion “Be the boss of you” fashion blog.

Funky fun fashion is a online clothing store, created this blog to better connect with our diverse customers. The website/blog  is now a resource for information and news in addition to stylish shirts, versatile dresses,plus size and flattering pants.

Found at, “Be the boss of you” offers a variety of informative categories. shoppers can explore blog posts to find reviews on films and albums, popular products (other than clothes!) food trends, style tips and much more. even has a video that brings some fun on youtube as a introduction to our website. features several different clothing lines that are simultaneously fashionable and practical. The website main focus is to bring pride back into individual style.. “Funky Fun Fashion” enables followers to read about the goings-on within the business, including new lines, styles, fashion shows and sales. Remember skinny jeans and pants just don’t work for everybody and just because it’s trending don’t make it my style. I feel the best trend is what makes you feel better about yourself when you look in that mirror and say damn! i look good. the perfect location if you need tips on how to impress your new boss with your wardrobe, or how to make a clothing statement on a budget. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest seasonal trends from our website, and checkout various stores and partnerships by visiting . News Flash! Here is a must visit website for New and used clothing and jewelry . Website